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Open Systems AG

Mission Control Security Services

Open Systems focuses on network security, application delivery, identity management and global connectivity − all integrated by a service management that creates an unmatched client experience.

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Positive rating and
highest proven customer satisfaction

Open Systems AG received a positive rating and scored the highest proven customer satisfaction of all analyzed companies in the «MarketScope for Managed Security Services in Europe» by Gartner.

It's a big compliment for a company when the opinion of a leading analyst firm as well as the feedback of existing clients is as positive as that. We are happy that the report confirms our position in the market and our strong commitment to quality of service and client satisfaction.

Read the MarketScope for Managed Security Services in Europe »

Network Security

Mission Control Network Security takes care of all security aspects of a network and makes sure that users work with a reliable and efficient infrastructure that meets both global objectives and local needs.

Distributed Firewalls »

Protect every machine in your organization against attacks from the internal network and the internet, according to a corporate security policy.

Enterprise Firewall »

Separate multiple security zones, define authorized connections and transparently implement an auditable security policy.

WAN Encryption »

Ensure secure communication between your sites by having all your WAN traffic encrypted and authenticated in a performant way.

Intrusion Detection »

Scan the network continuously to detect and prevent intrusions and security breaches.

WiFi Security »

Protect business-critical resources by preventing unauthorized access and damage to computers that use wireless networks.


Reduce latency and increase availability as well as resilience against DoS attacks to the Domain Name System (DNS).

For more information about Network Security, please contact consulting@open.ch »

Application Delivery

Mission Control Application Delivery ensures that business-critical applications and email run smoothly and securely and adhere to the global security policy.

Web Application Firewall »

Protect your web applications from internet attacks, and ensure secure and granular access, while reducing operational costs and maintaining auditability.

Email Gateway »

Ensure confidentiality of email conversations, and protect your users against spam, phishing attacks, and malware with multiple state-of-the-art content scanning engines.

Web Proxy »

Separate and organize web access according to a security policy, and protect users from malicious sites while browsing the internet.

Load Balancer »

Actively use redundant resources to increase the capacity and reliability of the services provided to internal or external clients. Typical usage scenarios include the parallel running of reverse proxy servers, application servers, and forward proxy server farms.

For more information about Application Delivery, please contact consulting@open.ch »

Identity Management

Mission Control Identity Management involves the authentication, authorization and management of privileges of individuals, hardware or applications within or across system and enterprise boundaries.

Identity Server »

Manage access authorization and user auditing centrally, synchronize master data from Active Directory and perform password verification against it in real time.

Federated Identity Management »

Seamlessly access the data or systems of another domain or organization, without the overhead of extra user administration, while maintaining a high level of security.

Web Single Sign-on »

Create a privacy-friendly environment by making it easy for users to log in with single sign-on to affiliated but separate websites, while maintaining a high level of security.

Strong Authentication »

Provide secure login to your network and applications by using a second authentication factor, such as token codes or SMS authentication.

For more information about Identity Management, please contact consulting@open.ch »

Global Connectivity

Mission Control Global Connectivity uses select technology to connect various global enterprise locations and ensures high performance as well as redundancy where business-critical processes are concerned. In addition, a multi-provider approach can be chosen to provide business continuity and flexibility.

WAN Routing »

Set up efficient and secure routing for your wide area network according to your needs.

Inter-Domain BGP »

Ensure stable and provider-independent operation of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) in your organization and reduce the operational overhead associated with changing an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Client VPN and
Mobile Device Access »

Work with the same comfort and security as in the office – at home or on the road.

Tactical Networks »

Instantly deploy mobile WAN sites in an emergency or when a new location is required before a landline can be used, and manage communication where standard IT infrastructure is nonexistent or not available.

Performance Management »

Monitor your network with powerful tools, prioritize business-critical applications and achieve a high quality of service.

Sourcing Services »

Use a single point of contact to manage and monitor all your ISPs centrally, and rightsize your global network to your business requirements. Benchmark your providers with the Mission Control lines in more than 800 cities in over 175 countries.

Switching »

Connect network devices to each other and to other networks, so as to ensure performance and redundancy. In addition, support Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) and organize groups of computers according to your needs.

For more information about Global Connectivity, please contact consulting@open.ch »

Integrated Service Management

Integrated Service Management provides a Service Delivery Platform, the Mission Control Portal and 24x7 Operations, which transparently secure the availability and stability of ICT infrastructures around the clock, 365 days a year.

Service Delivery Platform »

Work with highly extendable, industrial strength hardware whose location is flexible – be it on your premises, at a datacenter or in the cloud.

24x7 Operations »

Focus on your core business while 24x7 Operations proactively monitor and secure the availability and stability of your ICT infrastructure in compliance with your security policy, around the clock, all year round.

Mission Control Portal »

Communicate with Mission Control and monitor your applications and network in real time, with reports and tools that support the implementation and management of global IT security and availability.

For more information about Integrated Service Management, please contact consulting@open.ch »