«We can’t afford to make an airline late...»

gategroup is the leading independent global provider of products, services and solutions relating to a passenger’s onboard experience. Garth Gray, Vice President Global IT Infrastructure and Michael Heuser, Senior IT Director talk about the transformation of their MPLS network into a global SD-WAN with strong integration of the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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Garth Gray's presentation at the WAN Summit

Case study – SOS Children's Villages


Every day, staff at the organization «SOS Children’s Villages International» work to ensure that children in 134 countries and territories can grow up in a loving, caring family environment. Global networks and the use of standardized applications play an important part in their success. In this interview, Thomas Rubatscher, International Director ICT, and Oliver Vavtar, Team Leader for Network Services and Project Leader for the SOS Data Highway, explain how they and their teams make an important contribution to the organization’s success despite limited resources.

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Lünendonk 2016 trend study about«IT security and risk management»

In Germany, Switzerland and Austria, both the business as well as information technology professionals in companies consider IT security as being absolutely business critical. The study throws light on the challenges that enterprises are obliged to face, namely determining the data and applications that are worth protecting (value at risk), along with the enforcement of transnational security standards and the early detection of significant attacks and security flaws.

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«We demand the highest standards of reliability and confidentiality.»

Markus Lickert, Head of End User Services

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Published in 360° magazine N°12

Swiss Re

«It has to make sense from both the operational and security points of view.»

Risto Wieland, Director IT

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Published in 360° magazine N°12


«A hybrid wide area network gives us the best of both worlds.»

Florian Scholl, Project Lead Global WAN

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Published in 360° magazine N°12

Spiegel Group

«We've relied upon Mission Control Security Services from the very start.»

Karsten Hoffmann, Network Manager

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Published in 360° magazine N°10


«The new WAN is the technological foundation of our future growth.»

Kurt Scherer, Chief Information Officer

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Published in 360° magazine N°9

International Federation of Red Cross

«Only those who are networked can help globally.»

Hugh Peterken, Head of IS Department

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Published in 360° magazine N°7

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Hugh Peterken, Head of Information Systems Dept. IFRC (until 2011). The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world's largest humanitarian organization, providing assistance without discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions.

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