Web Application Protection

With Web Application Protection, you can protect your web applications and SaaS from internet attacks, and ensure secure and granular access, while reducing operational costs and maintaining auditability.

1 Connect and protect

Connect and protect applications and SaaS in the cloud and on your premises.

2 Manage access

Manage access authorization and user auditing centrally.

3 Provide single sign-on

Provide users with a single sign-on for all applications and SaaS they are authorized for.

4 Optimize application quality

Monitor, control and accelerate the quality and performance of your business critical applications.

Web Application Firewall

Protect your web applications from cyber attacks, and ensure secure and granular access, while reducing operational costs and maintaining auditability.

Mission Control Web Application Firewall provides sustainable, centrally monitored security and a variety of benefits:

  • Control of all web access from a central access point, covering every layer and reducing operating costs and dependencies.
  • Protection against OWASP Top Ten web application security threats.
  • Mission Control installs, configures and operates the service and ensures that updates do not disrupt operations.
  • PCI-DSS compliance requirements are met.
  • The scope of protection is defined on an individual application basis.
  • Fast paced deployments with application templates.
  • All actions on protected web applications are logged, which maintains auditability and verifiability of business actions.
  • Web applications and web services deal only with authorized users and valid data traffic, which results in improved performance and availability.
Identity Server

Manage access authorization and user auditing centrally, synchronize master data from Active Directory, and perform password verification against it in real time.

Federated Identity Management

Seamlessly access the data or systems of another domain or organization, without the overhead of extra user administration, while maintaining a high level of security.

Web Single Sign-On

Create a privacy-friendly environment by making it easy for users to log in securely with single sign-on to affiliated but separate websites.

Application Performance Management

Monitor your network with powerful tools, prioritize business-critical applications and dynamically achieve a high quality of service.

24x7 in more than 180 countries

Rely on a managed Service Delivery Platform, the Mission Control Portal and 24x7 Operations, which transparently secure the availability and stability of ICT infrastructures around the clock, in more than 180 countries, 365 days a year.

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