Christian Mäder, CFO of Swisslog, gives an account of how networks have become more important to his company, how he as a risk manager minimizes the operational risk of his network and why he thinks that powerful access to the internet is of great importance to the users.

Cloud readiness

Corporate networks are evolving towards architectures that provide greater performance and more flexibility, for example easy utilization of secure cloud services and embracement of new technologies and business opportunities.

  • Get ready for the cloud
  • Deploy hybrid networks
  • Cope with difficult locations
  • Guarantee speed of delivery
  • Manage growth

Unified communications

When it comes to modern collaboration and communication around the world, multimedia software such as video conferencing really challenges network performance and availability, and requires both control and flexibility. It also means knowing what is working well, how the latency is distributed across the network, and who is responsible for what at any point in time.

  • Reduce costs and boost performance
  • Embrace the cloud
  • Increase bandwidth through local offloading
  • Maintain security and adhere to company policy while using collaboration tools
  • Ensure availability

Mobile workforce

Company boundaries nowadays are more fluid due to closer collaboration with partners and suppliers. Project work in diversified teams can span different time zones and the mobility of today's workforce has also increased significantly, requiring more flexibility.

  • Carry your office with you
  • Bring your own device
  • Always on
  • Easy and secure access
  • Browse in the hotel bar
  • Use WiFi in each location/meeting room

Governance and operations

Good governance means a clear separation between those who make the rules and those who put them into practice. Auditability and the definition of roles and responsibilities play an important role in risk management, and allow organizations to lead and control their day-to-day business processes around the clock, all year round.

  • Enforce global security
  • Close the gap (between policy definition and enforcement)
  • Ensure operational risk management and business continuity
  • Benefit from ISO 27001
  • Provide an audit trail
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