Security empowered networks

In a world of IT networking that is dominated by broken promises and anxiety
we bring our customers peace of mind and give them the confidence
to expand their business in the digital environment.

Managed Secure SD-WAN
The next level of SD-WAN

Modern networks based on SDN technology combined with comprehensive security services form a secure, reliable and extendable foundation for your business with maximum security as well as guaranteed availability and performance of business-critical applications at a lower cost – on premises, in a data center or in the cloud.

Network Security Monitoring
Do you know who is in the house?

A breach is inevitable and will happen to every company or organization. Make sure that you detect and analyze anomalies and attacks within your network. Because that's how you know whether the bad guy is hiding around the corner.

Cloud-ready hybrid infrastructure
Shift your business to the cloud

Successfully integrate, operate and secure your legacy infrastructure and innovative cloud technology – easily managed, monitored 24x7 and rock solid compliant.

Secure Application Access
From anywhere with any device

Every employee must have access to all applications – in-house or in the cloud – from anywhere, with any device. And this needs to be secure, auditable and easy to use. While many vendors try to make you buy a fully fledged Identity Management solution, the Open Systems solution can be integrated into the existing network, application and Identity Management environment without heart surgery. 

Global connectivity
Be wherever you need to be

Global business does not stop at borders or boundaries. Do you need 24x7 access to more than 180 countries worldwide? Consider it done.

Incident Handling and Response

Nowadays the possibility of a security compromise is a reality. After detection, swift and effective action is imperative. As part of the Incident Response service, the professional Computer Emergency Response Team (OS-CERT) from Open Systems will help you mitigate attacks and minimize the damage caused by an intrusion.

More information about OS-CERT