Mission Control
            Network Security Monitoring

            In today's world, a breach is inevitable and will eventually happen to every company or organization. Mission Control Network Security Monitoring closes the gap between traditional detection combined with security monitoring and costly SIEM/SOC solutions by aggregating enterprise-wide security sensor capabilities and providing a unified presentation layer, that shows the full scope from management-friendly global risk scores to packet-level details.

            Distributed Network Intrusion Prevention protects the network and stops it from being rendered useless by virus and worm attacks. After detecting intrusion, the service automatically triggers counteractive measures by slowing down or blocking suspicious hosts, in order to ensure that enough resources are kept for non-attacked hosts. All intrusion events are escalated in the ticketing system, with detailed information available for each event.

            The implementation of Network Security Monitoring on all your network nodes gives you a fine-meshed sensor network and eliminates your blind spots.


            Network Security Monitoring on the starting page of the Mission Control Portal.

            The threat score is the most important indicator of an infection and malicious or unwarranted behavior.

            The world map in the NSM Dashboard shows which sensors have monitored hosts with threat scores in the low, moderate and high threat level.

            The Security Center shows key statistics for the sensor and an overview of all suspicious hosts monitored by the sensor.

            On the host detail page, all events are prioritized and displayed. Relevant context information is available for every reported system at risk, from an overview perspective down to IP packet level.

            Page in the Mission Control Portal showing infected and suspicious hosts.
            Page in the Mission Control Portal showing infected and suspicious hosts.