Mission Control Tactical Networks

Tactical Networks deliver flexibility and manage communication where standard IT infrastructure is nonexistent or not available. For example, you can deploy a mobile WAN in an emergency if connectivity is broken at a location. Alternatively, a mobile WAN can be useful when a new location is required before a landline becomes available.

Mobile Connectivity Rack

This custom-made IT rack includes all the necessary network functions to integrate any location securely and seamlessly into your global enterprise network. It would typically be used as part of highly specialized setups, for example at small sites, factories, or disaster recovery sites because the Mobile Connectivity Rack can be used as an emergency response kit.


Mobile Connectivity Rack - a mobile, waterproof and shockproof case containing fully redundant equipment that includes hardware for IT security, mobile connectivity and switching.
Mobile Connectivity Rack: fully redundant equipment that includes hardware for IT security, mobile connectivity and switching – all in a mobile, waterproof and shockproof case.

Satellite Connectivity Kit

Whenever you need global connectivity at challenging locations, the highly resilient and agile Mission Control Satellite Connectivity Kit provides mobile communication with cutting-edge Inmarsat Global Xpress satellites, and supports safety services as well as NGOs.

Satellite Link Management

Satellite links are used at locations with poor or very restricted infrastructure, or where no infrastructure exists. In such situations, the only way to establish a reliable internet connection is over a satellite link or to extend the performance and reliability of a local provider with a second satellite link. Then communication does not depend on the provider, and critical messages arrive on time.

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