Mission Control Cloud Express

            Mission Control Cloud Express provides businesses and NGOs with simple and secure access to cloud-based applications and services. The secure, high-availability and high-performance connection, which is being offered in partnership with Equinix, is superior to other connections in terms of quality, flexibility and costs.

            Mission Control Cloud Express using Equinix.

            Cloud proximity as key to success

            Having an IT infrastructure that can cope with new requirements is crucial to a company's successful move into the cloud. «Cloud proximity», i.e. the closeness of users to their cloud provider, is a central factor for the «cloud readiness» of any IT infrastructure. The closer the connection between internet users and their provider, the better they can access applications and services, in other words, faster and more reliably. The result: users can work smoothly and efficiently.

            Superior to other connections

            The Mission Control Cloud Express connection to the cloud is superior to other connections in terms of speed, latency, flexibility and costs. The private direct connection between the Equinix data centers in Zurich and Amsterdam is secured by a high-performance fiberoptic network operated by euNetworks, a leading bandwidth infrastructure provider. This connection offers greater reliability, faster speed, less latency and more security than conventional internet connections. Compared with MPLS solutions, Mission Control Cloud Express is not only considerably cheaper, it is also a great deal more flexible. Provisioning and configuration can be completed in next to no time, and the bandwidth simply and quickly adapted to actual needs.

            Direct access to Microsoft Azure

            Mission Control Cloud Express is offering businesses and NGOs direct access to the Microsoft Azure Cloud from Switzerland. The Mission Control Security Service integrates a service provided by Equinix, a global independent data center operator. Equinix Cloud Exchange was launched in spring 2015 and provides virtualized, private connections to multiple cloud providers via a portal. Alongside access to Microsoft Azure, other cloud solutions are also available. Additional platforms such as Office 365 and AWS are scheduled to follow.

            24x7 operations and monitoring

            The Mission Control Cloud Express service also comes with the full benefits of Open Systems renowned Integrated Service Management. Thanks to this integrated approach, customers enjoy full transparency over their network connections and business-critical applications at all times. In addition, the follow-the-sun operations centers in Zurich and Sydney ensure constant monitoring and fast reaction times whenever required.