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Open Systems uses cookies, cookies provided by HubSpot, Inc. and other tracking technologies in certain cases. Cookies are files sent by web servers to web browsers, stored by web browsers and contain the information about the user anonymised such as the number of people visiting our site, how they got to our site and which web pages they visited. Cookies do not identify the person, but do reproduce the user behavior in order to give to customers personalized offers or to improve our website and compile reports. Such data might be transmitted abroad. As a registered participant a cookie is necessary during your visit. It will temporarily store an identification number. This identification number only serves to facilitate communication while using the services. By doing so, no data from your computer will be requested nor stored. By accepting these Terms of Use, user accessing our website allows us to install cookies and/or HubSpot cookies on their appliances.

Further information about HubSpot cookies can be found at:
HubSpot’s privacy statement

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