North American Partner and Channel Program at Open Systems

              A unique model of engaging with partners associated with an ambitious commission structure

              Open Systems is massively investing in a Channel Program and has set up a unique model of engaging with partners associated with an ambitious commission structure.

              This is a significant market opportunity for you – secure and innovate clients' network architecture in their digital transformation. With our client retention rate of 98% year over year, our partners are making a strategic and long-term choice with end clients.


              About Open Systems

              Open Systems was founded in 1990 and has transitioned from a security integrator and Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) into a leading provider of Managed Secure SD-WAN in Europe and the US.

              The company offers security-enabled networks by fully integrating SD-WAN, network security, web and application security as well as incident handling, analytics and response. It currently operates in more than 180 countries, with operations centers in Zurich and Sydney and offices in New York and Silicon Valley.


              Our key differentiators

              Operational excellence

              • Fully managed service including unlimited access to 24x7 operations
              • DevOps support model with exclusively level-3 engineers
              • 80%+ of issues proactively detected and resolved by automated monitoring
              • Include professional services by dedicated technical account management teams
              • Hardware and software life-cycle management part of the service

              Unified SD-WAN platform

              • SD-WAN as well as security features based on the same 
                application detection engine
              • NG Firewall, Secure Web Gateway and Threat Detection built into the platform
              • Security features enabled on-demand (NFV), no additional deployments
              • Uniform dashboards of all functions in a single pane of glass

              Single pane of glass

              • Orchestration and monitoring of the SD-WAN and all built-in security services
              • Fully transparent access to all configurations, reports, statistics, tools, and complete audit trail
              • Connectivity monitoring of all transport layer lines
              • Integrated ticketing system for 24x7 access to operations engineers

              Connectivity agnostic

              • Hybrid WAN supporting all IP-based transport layers
                (internet, MPLS, 4G, satellite)
              • Support for WAN redesign and provider selection
              • Monitoring of all lines and optional ISP operations support

              Global footprint

              • 5,000+ SD-WAN end points deployed in 180+ countries


              Our sweet spot

              A typical customer

              • company operating in 10+ countries
              • has 1,000 – 15,000 users 
              • has a mixture of application origins in cloud/SaaS/on-premises

              They usually have

              • globally distributed critical IT assets
              • a high demand for business application performance and uptime
              • an appetite for advanced security
              • an IT department with strong decision-making processes

              And they are

              • augmenting or replacing MPLS networks
              • migrating their applications to the cloud (AWS, Azure, ...)
              • embracing digital transformation
              • tired of excessive vendor sprawl and noise
              • looking for agility


              Your contact at Open Systems

              Dave Nuti joined Open Systems to build the North American Partner and Channel Program, driving a participation model in Open Systems’ current wave of accelerated growth. Dave’s background in SD-WAN, as-a-Service models and digital transformation strategy for the enterprise is extensive, having led sales and strategic relationships since the inception of SD‑WAN as a category. Half sales leader and half industry expert/evangelist, Dave provides a terrific unfair advantage to our partners!

              David Nuti
              Head of Channels, North America
              Open Systems

              If you have further questions, please contact Dave at  
              or +1 925 518 1134.