Incident response and threat intelligence


Incident Response

From a seemingly small incident such as a phishing attack, to large-scale compromises, OS-CERT is your single point of contact. The team is staffed by internationally recognized experts who will help you analyze, coordinate and resolve incidents.

Incident Response is an independent service, but complements the Mission Control Network Security Monitoring (NSM) service by Open Systems. The Incident Response service enables you to uncover the details of a breach quickly. Working hand in hand with your own security organization, our globally networked experts can handle even large incidents.


OS-CERT of Open Systems provides security analytics and incident response to detect and resolve security breaches that threaten your organization.

Emergency contact

+41 58 100 12 34


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CSIRT Description for OS-CERT
Last modified: 2016-10-06

Traffic Light Protocol (TLP)

OS-CERT adheres to the Traffic Light Protocol v1.0


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