Obtaining WAN connectivity where fast is not an option

Watch SD-WAN expert Steve Garson as he explores how organizations can get WAN connectivity where it’s usually not an option. In this live webinar, you’ll learn how to handle situations including no cable infrastructure, not having time for 120-day installations, lack of IT staff, and more.

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Whitepaper by TechTarget

Using SD-WAN to enhance your security posture

Perhaps the single most important and overarching IT infrastructure strategy is the movement toward software-defined environments. These same benefits are driving the rapid adoption of software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs).

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Open Systems

«As a global company with Swiss roots, we ensure cybersecurity in over 180 countries.»

Martin Bosshardt, President of Open Systems, smiles at you from Credit Suisse ATMs with a message about the company, Mission Control, security orchestration and machine learning.

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Want to reduce your TCO?

Migrate MPLS to Managed SD-WAN

Compared to MPLS, a hybrid WAN can give you 10 times the bandwidth at half the cost. On top of that SD-WAN will optimize application performance and bandwidth usage.

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Is MPLS needed for SD-WAN?

In this recording, hear from SD-WAN expert, Steve Garson as he discusses the realities of engineering a global SD-WAN that provides the performance quality needed for all your business applications.

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Navigating zoning concepts

SD-WAN – why we should learn from the Titanic

What would have prevented the Titanic from sinking and how can we learn from it when designing a global WAN?

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Secure SD-WAN

The next level of SD-WAN

Modern networks based on SDN technology combined with Network Security Monitoring form a secure, reliable and extendable foundation for your business with maximum security as well as guaranteed availability and performance of business-critical applications at a lower cost – on premises, in a data center or in the cloud.

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Network Security Monitoring

Do you know who is in the house?

A breach is inevitable and will happen to every company or organization. Make sure that you detect and analyze anomalies and attacks within your network. Because that's how you know whether the bad guy is hiding around the corner.

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Difficult locations

Be wherever you need to be

Global business does not stop at borders or boundaries. Do you need 24x7 access to more than 180 countries worldwide? Consider it done.

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Security empowered networks

Managed Secure SD-WAN by Open Systems.
Secure global connectivity to protect and expand your global business.




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Our service portfolio

Client stories

Client case

«We reduce the complexity of our hybrid infrastructure to an absolute minimum.»

Sulzer has implemented a «Cloud First» strategy. How do you migrate from A to B, and how do you retain control and keep track of things in a hybrid infrastructure environment?

Client cases

«A hybrid wide area network gives us the best of both worlds.»

The German company Marquardt GmbH, is boosting its flexibility and efficiency with a combination of MPLS network and broadband internet.

Client cases

«It has to make sense from both the operational and security points of view.»

When it comes to company global networking, the Switzerland-based reinsurer Swiss Re relies on security and availability. That's why Risto Wieland, Director IT, and his Infrastructure Team only implement solutions that make sense from both the operational and security points of view.

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24x7 in more than 180 countries


What you can expect from our Mission Control Security Services

A secure, reliable and efficient IT infrastructure that meets global objectives and local needs.

Equal quality and service levels in over 180 countries worldwide.

24x7 security, availability monitoring and proactive reaction with an audit trail.

No gap between policy definition and enforcement.

A flat service fee independent of the number of events or technology changes.


Certified for sure

Quality is the yardstick by which we are measured. With the ISO 27001 certification, Open Systems commits itself to its customers by being subject to a constant test of its Mission Control Security Services and their associated operational processes. Read more


Acknowledged value

Independent analysts have intensively analyzed Open Systems and Mission Control Security Services. Open Systems is not only convincing from the technology viewpoint, but differentiates itself primarily due to Integrated Service Management.


A track record you can trust

We are an independent provider of enterprise security, founded in 1990. We focus on efficient, secure and reliable networks. Our employees have comprehensive experience combined with great personal commitment.