Education and training

The modular training course lasts between three and six months, depending on a person's previous vocational qualifications, professional experience and current level of knowledge. 50% of the employee's time is invested in this training course, with the remaining 50% spent working in his or her team. The course ends with an in-house exam, for which a certificate is awarded.


The course comprises five modules:

  • Phase 1: Self-study
    Refreshing/acquiring technical know-how needed for practical training.
  • Phase 2: Practical training courses with interim tests
    Training in the services and processes by in-house specialists.
  • Phase 3: Accompanied deployments in the Mission Control Operations Center
    Dealing with and resolving genuine Mission Control situations with the support of an experienced Security Engineer.
  • Phase 4: Examination and certification
    Half-day final exam, for which a pass is rewarded with a certificate.
  • Phase 5: Assignment in Sydney
    Extending Mission Control experience at the operations center in Sydney for 3 months.

The training and certification as a Mission Control Security Engineer brings the following personal benefits:

  • Professional consolidation in the specialist area of network security
  • Unique opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice quickly
  • On-the-job training with Mission Control Security Services and their operation
  • Very broad and efficient training by in-house specialists
  • Confidence reinforcement in one's own skills by working on production computers
  • Insight into the work of the various teams
  • Balance between theoretical training and practical work in the team
  • An opportunity to get to know and work with the in-house specialists

And this is what team members think about the training:

«During the training as a Mission Control Engineer, I gained valuable technical know-how firsthand.»
Manuel Schwarz, Security Engineer, Labs

«Right from the start, the training put me in direct contact with the people in charge of individual services, which is of course an incredibly valuable and efficient form of hands-on training.»
Mathias Fischer, Security Engineer, Labs

«The Security Engineer training was exciting, but it was also a challenge until you knew all the details of the different services.»
Stefan Rothenhofer, Security Engineer, Customer Management

«The training program offers a good mix of theory and practice.»
Konrad Bucheli, Security Engineer, Labs

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