StrategyDays IT

            4 – 5 May 2017
            Grandhotel Schloß Bensberg

            A great opportunity to meet competence partners and to have in-depth business conversations.

            Day 1, 4 May 2017

            by Christoph Graf von der Schulenburg and Dr. Hagen Streb
            Innovation and IT strategy at Munich RE
            by Dr. Olaf Frank
            Integrated process and IT strategy as a lever for the digital transformation of a large corporation
            by Dr. Martin Hölz
            Transformation of IT in an Old Economy company
            by Dr. Andreas Schumann
            From analog to digital: Function und purpose of a CDO in companies
            by Peter Neumann
            Business und IT – mutual optimization and transformation
            by Dr. Bernd Süßmann
            Insurance – IT between punchcards and digitalization
            by Dr. Dieter Ackermann
            Sustainability of digital printing (field trials und experiments)
            by Andreas Miehle
            Innovation without your employees? An appeal for a common cause
            by Ralf Gernhold
            VIPCON GmbH & Co. KG Casino Dinner

            Day 2, 5 May 2017

            by Christoph Graf von der Schulenburg and Dr. Hagen Streb
            Automation and communication - Will our life be more secure as a result?
            by Prof. Dr. Reinhard Posch
            Branch strategy AND digital strategy? Approaches of a digital transformation for a multi-channel bank
            by Samuel Spreen
            Experiences of IT outsourcing; 2nd generation
            von Jürgen Skirde
            Process of digitalization and integration from the point of view of an elongated workbench in the pharma industry
            by Dietmar Bettio
            Digitalization - How can we achieve it?
            by Dirk Böhme

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