Hamburg IT Strategy Days 2016

            Germany's largest and most renowned IT management congress is going into its fourteenth round. On 18 and 19 February 2016, about 700 CIOs and IT decision makers will meet up at Hotel Grand Elysée for the Hamburg IT Strategy Days 2016. The congress that is jointly organized by Hamburg@work, FAKTOR 3 LIVE and the CIO Magazine is about to assemble the who-is-who of the German speaking IT users in the Hanseatic city for the fourteenth time.

            „THE CIO-AGENDA 2016
            The role of the CIO has already been critically scrutinized often and in some cases declared to be extinct. The CIO was supposedly expected to change into a CPO, CTO or CDO in order to survive, and the cloud is supposedly in the process of selectively making the CIO completely superfluous, with the remaining IT responsibility then prognosed to wander over into each specialized department.

            But these predictions have proven to be incorrect yet again: CIOs are not only irreplaceable as an organizing and integrating power, but in fact hold a key position these days if their companies are taking the digital transformation seriously. If so, IT organizations need to switch from being internal service providers with a nerdy image to being agile partners of the business and of innovation drivers.

            With that in mind, what can and what must CIOs and their organizations accomplish?

            The Hamburg IT Strategy Days show which new strategies, skills and management approaches help CIOs to do justice to this new role.

            In addition, Germany's largest IT management congress highlights the current technological and sourcing trends. Distinguished CIOs will show with the help of practical examples how new and still virulent challenges can be mastered. Some of the main topics include best practices for digital business models, groundbreaking approaches to Industry 4.0, the management of globally distributed IT organizations, and last but not least, the question of how businesses can protect their data and their business models.

            The speech of Nageye Rascid from Open Systems AG «How to get from the network you have to the network you need.» tells the story on how you can close the gap between Security, Operations and the Business.