WAN Summit New York 2018

              16. – 17. April 2018
              Marriott Marquis, New York

              Key IT trends, such as cloud services, virtualization, collaboration and big data are impacting the evolution of the enterprise WAN, including the ongoing migration of applications to the cloud, the limitations of the public internet and the impact of networking problems on application performance.

              Attended by over 150 organizations, the WAN Summit New York will bring together corporate WAN strategists and service provider executives to discuss common challenges, gain new perspectives, and to build business relationships with potential suppliers, customers, and peers. No other event offers comparable opportunities for meaningful interaction between the providers and buyers of enterprise network services.


              The only event bringing together the enterprise and service provider communities to examine WAN market drivers and technologies.

              Conference Day One – April 16

              8:15 Registration and Refreshments
              9:00 Opening Remarks and Live Poll
              9:15 WAN Design and Managed Services in the age of SD-WAN
              09:40 Case Study: Managing the WAN after SD-WAN Deployment, How the Design and Architecture of the WAN has Changed with the Smart Network
              10:05 Panel: Hybrid Transformations – Experiences with Adopting SD-WAN and Integrating Internet into the WAN
              10:45 Morning Coffee Break
              11:15 Enterprise Case Study: Lessons from an SD-WAN Deployment
              11:40 Round Table Peer to Peer Exchange
              12:00 TeleGeography Presentation: Benchmarking Enterprise Networks — Modeling Hybrid Network Costs
              12:25 Lunch
              13:45 Live Poll
              13:50 Enterprise Case Study: WAN Architecture in the Cloud Age
              14:15 Panel: Cloud in the WAN – How to Adapt your WAN to Accommodate Cloud-Based Applications
              14:55 Afternoon Coffee Break
              15:25 Enterprise Case Study
              15:50 Panel: The Underlay Network – Selecting and Sourcing Local Access and Broadband
              16:30 Round Table Peer to Peer Exchange
              16:50 Live Poll and Extended Q&A
              17:00 Closing Remarks and Drinks Sponsor Speech
              17:10 Networking Drinks
              18:30 Close of Day One

              Conference Day Two – April 17

              8:30 Registration and Refreshments
              8:30-9:30 WAN Leadership Forum Breakfast Club
              9:00 (Concurrent with WAN Leadership Forum Breakfast)
              Vendor Panel: Partnerships and Interoperability in the SD-WAN Ecosystem
              9:40 Opening Remarks and Live Poll
              9:50 Presentation: SD-WAN Vendor Selection — Carrier, Managed Services Provider, or Vendor Direct?
              10:15 Panel: One or Many? — Provider Selection Strategies in the Hybrid WAN Market
              10:55 Morning Coffee Break
              11:25 Enterprise Case Study: Selecting SD-WAN and Network Vendors
              11:50 Round Table Peer to Peer Exchange
              12:15 TeleGeography Presentation: Enterprise Networks and the Core Global Network Underlying Them
              12:40 Lunch
              14:00 Enterprise Case Study: Preparing the WAN for the Future of IT
              14:25 Panel: WAN Architecture for the Modern Workplace
              15:05 Closing Remarks
              15:10 Exhibit Hall and Networking
              16:00 Close of Summit

              For more information, see the official website.

              The event is due to take place at Marriott Marquis, New York City,
              1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

              For further questions about the event, please contact Andy Weiss at anw@open.ch or +1 (212) 266-0092.

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